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2. Respect each other. Everyone makes mistakes and is entitled to their own opinion. Don't hold it against them or say something rude. You can leave words of wisdom without being troublesome.
3. Be honest and we'll be honest back.
4. Include age & sex somewhere in your post for yourself and those involved in your post. Do not expect us to know or guess your age because of details in your post.
5. Email us if you feel uncomfortable leaving your question with your livejournal username, send us your question in an email. We'll post it for you anonymously and you can still get answers on it, just give us all the info we need. Just be sure to put "Advice Source Community" in the subject line.
6. Comment. Anyone can leave advice in the comments (you don't have to be a member and you can leave anonymous advice) but it will be deleted if it is rude or does not show respect for the person seeking advice or towards others who have already left advice.
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I'm Candace and along with my best friend, Becky, we want to offer a community where people of all ages, sex, race, etc. can come to with questions on issues that people face everyday. We're by no means, professionals, but instead people offer a lending ear and advice to those who seek it. advice_source has been up and running for 5 years this September (2008) and we would like to thank everyone who's contributed, which has made this a success thus far!

About Us

Candace (ckandi007): I'm Candace and I'm a 26 year old graduate of Babson College majoring in entrepreneurship and information systems. I married Steve, a 1LT in the Army on May 29, 2005, who returned from a year long tour in Iraq in March 2005. I've been friends for Becky for 11+ years and we have spent many years going to each other for advice on anything and everything. If you want my opinion, just ask and I'll do anything I can to help, honestly and truthfully.

Some hobbies of mine include silver smithing, soap making, photography, going to movies, concerts, amusement parks, etc., decorating the house, playing bingo, traveling, just living live to its fullest!

1940's style picture of us!

Becky (hoodwink):
Hi, I'm Becky and I am 26 years old. I graduated from a state college in Massachusetts as a Psychology major, Art minor. I used to volunteer at at http://www.teenadviceonline.org for about 4 and a half years. I am open-minded and compassionate. I love to listen and give my honest opinion. I have heard it all and I am not afraid to say what I think.

I like to walk, hike, draw, play with my two cats, Victor and Victoria (They'll be 3 this March 2009!), and take care of my plants. I enjoy going on roller coasters and fast scary rides! I also enjoy writing and drawing. and I've dating my boyfriend for over 8 years!

Becky & her boyfriend William Easter 2007:)

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Please Remember...

We are NOT professionals, rather people who will listen and try our best to give advice or our honest opinion. Whether or not to follow our advice or the advice of others in this community is up to your discretion.


Email us at advicesource@gmail.com Any emails received asking for advice will be posted anonymously with the sender's identity kept confidential.